Read the World Joyful Life

Core Value

Innovative Design
Provide Users With Overall High-End Fashion
Elements Of Luxury Home Life

Constantly explore new forms of expression of home art, For outstanding contemporary individual consumers, Provide a full-dimensional fashion and luxury home environment such as integrated lighting, home furnishing, and accessories.


Brand Positioning

Flagship brand of international luxury home furnishing

With an international perspective, select the world's top home furnishing brands, gather fashionable home furnishing concepts and synchronize high-end original designs, focus on customization and individual taste, and bring luxury and fashionable home furnishing experience to high-grade consumers.

Read the World Joyful Life

The more you understand the world, the more you love the essence of life. Profound experience will precipitate the same profound insights into life and know the inner yearning for life.

Home furnishing is an extension of individual taste. Only by truly understanding the meaning of home furnishing, from classical to modern, from east to west, and deeply condensing the aesthetics of home furnishing art can present the most suitable home furnishing art for individuality.



Lighting + Furniture + Accessories

Lighting: leading international brands, top domestic brands

Furniture: Well-known European and American brands

Accessories: home accessories that highlight the tonality of life scenes

Kaiyan Design concept

innovation passion

Constantly explore advanced forms of home art

Bringing together top design trends

Kaiyan maximizes different design inspirations through the cooperative creation of excellent designers, artists and design agencies around the world. Through this international and open design thinking, Kaiyuan's design concepts can always walk ahead of fashion.



to time and craftsmanship

Due to Zhen Pin's ingenuity

It is a continuous breakthrough in process materials

To prove the pursuit of masterpieces

Eternal in time and ingenuity

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